Duplicate Finder is an all-in-one file management utility that find duplicate files in one or more paths. Scan can be defined by path, file mask, and with complex filters for size, date, attributes, etc. It compares the binary content of files and marks as duplicates files that are identical in contents.

Duplicate Finder also is a tool that helps remove duplicate items from the Outlook folders. This tool helps find duplicates easily through flexible searches. Once found it is up to you to manage the duplicates the way you want to.

Duplicate Finder also combines directory compare functions in one package. Use it to manage your files, keep directories in sync, etc.

Addition, Duplicate Finder has options Cleaner feature which helps you to remove junk files from your disk. like Recycle Bin, Temp Folder, Recent Folder and Temporary Internet Files.

find duplicate files Find and remove duplicate files with DuplicateFinder

Duplicate Finder can perform find and delete duplicate files on your local drive, network computer and on external devices. Interface helps you to find the duplicates without much effort. Architecture is based on file structure to determine if two files are same or not. Duplicate Finder provides a very nice filter option, it allows you to set file mask. You can find duplicates of any type: documents, file archive, images files, music files, video files, program files, program source etc. You can filter with date and file size etc.

outlook duplcates Remove Outlook duplicates with Duplifnder

The PST that holds all the outlook items tends to grow quickly. When this grows big enough, it starts making the Outlook operation slow. Only solution is to reduce the size of the PST. While one could remove unimportant mail items, which is not entirely safe. Something you delete may be needed the very next day. Thus one safe remedy could be to remove duplicate items first. This tool helps find duplicates easily through flexible searches. Once found it is up to you to manage the duplicates the way you want to. The possible actions include deleting the duplicates straightaway. Other options include mark them duplicates, move them to a PST file, etc.

compare folders Compare two folders with DuplicateFinder

Comparing and synchronizing folders have always been troubling task due to the long process and hassles involved in it. Well, you can simply assign the task to an expertise tool that would aid you in comparing as well as synchronizing directories. Duplicate Finder available one such tool for the purpose is Compare folders that allows performing two steps task comprising of compare directories and file synchronization. Browse and load two folders into the program for analysis, comparison and synchronization. It even presents comparison results, directory structure, identity, and distinction. The utility supports directory comparison and synchronization from left to right and vice-versa, or even you can select a folder as exemplar for synchronization with other.

clean junk files Clean junk files with DuplicateFinder

Once we are done with our tasks on PCs, most of us usually don’t have the habit of deleting the data related to the completed work. This clutters our systems with various redundant files thus affecting performance of our PC considerably. It also occupies lots of disk space. To regain the disk space and enhance the performance of your PC; you need to cleanup such data. Junk files cleaner utility helps you to wipe out non-required files or data from your PC. After performing cleaning activity you will see immediate increases in performance.

look for copies Look for the copies of certain files

There standard search function in present in most systems tends to work at a slow speed or many a times even fail to locate the files that we want and come up with the wrong files. To remove such issues we need to look at software that can work really fast and is also easy to use. Duplicate Finder has a Search Certain File utility comes across as just the right choice. The utility boasts of having a sophisticated search engine that can dig out your files in quick time.


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download trial version

works with windows 764bit system




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