Key Features


DuplicateFinder is a powerful tool to find and remove duplicate photos, documents, spreadsheets, MP3's and outlook items, email, task, contacts, calendar, notes, etc.


Find and remove Duplicate files, documents, music, photos, video

Find and remove Outlook duplicates items, email, task, contacts, calendar and notes


Powerful search engine with fast files check


Flexible scan criteria
Scan for same name (fast scan)
Scan for similar name (manually set the similarity from 1%-100%)
Scan for same content (byte-by-byte comparison)
Scan for specify file name (scan only a specify file name)

Scan for same subject


Scan Multiple Sources and Devices
Add multiple folders / drives for scanning – anything with a drive letter
Search Removable devices, such as USB drives, MP3 players, Digital Cameras

Search Networks drives

Search CD/DVD drives


Flexible File Scan filters
Search files by predefined or custom masks
Size conditions & skip zero-length files option

Files size, date and files extension

Duplicate File Management - remove only unnecessary duplicates
Select files manually (for deletion) or use flexible Auto Selection options
Show file properties

Double click selected file to check it in windows explorer
Remove to recycle bin
Delete file directly (permanently delete)
Move duplicate files to folder

Save Result

Save scan results to a file and re-import later for further analysis and resolution.


Restore Files

Restore Files allows you to restore what duplicates you have removed to a folder.


Safety and Protection
Protect critical system files and folders

Ignore uninstall files of the software


Compare two folders and synchronize them

Quickly compare files across folders local drives, USB storage drives, servers
Merge, synchronize, move, delete with a simple button click


Junk Files Cleaner
Thoroughly scan out, clean junk files and free up your valuable space.

Empty Recent Documents

Internet Temporary files

Internet Cache

Recycle Bin

Internet History

Temporary directories
Custom Types of Junk Files can enable users to define other types of junk files that are not listed in default setting.