outlook duplicates Remove outlook duplicates

Over the period of time with more and more emails coming into your Outlook the size of our inbox increases. But what infuriates us more are the unwanted duplicated files which seem to occupy into the Outlook and increases the size of PST files and this increase of size leads to corruption later on. As this collection of duplicated emails of no use, it needs to be removed.

This software program is specifically designed for removing the duplicate emails from the Outlook file easily. Other than that it also is equipped to remove contacts, email address, names and all other items that are present in your MS Outlook as a duplicate. It works at a significant pace and gets the job of eradicating replicas in few second.


1. Just click on the types of items (email, contacts, calendar, tasks or notes)


2. Choose the folders you want to scan for duplicates within Outlook. You can select multiple folders to search and remove Outlook duplicates.



3. DuplicateFinder allows you to set the comparison criteria as your preference and requirement. such as subject, sender, content, date or size.




4. Once you're done configuring, you can click Scan Outlook.



5. After scanning. all duplicate files will be listed and you can choose which ones the delete. You will also have the following delete options:


Add prefix to the duplicates

Directly delete the duplicates

Move to a PST file

Save Result