look for duplciate copies of files Look for the copies of certain files

You may be faced with a scenario in your workplace where you need to look for a certain file on all your computers. This may be for compliance reasons or just that you want to find out which folders or computers has this file on them. It may also be an inappropriate file that you want to find and remove from everyone's computer.


Or you may want to find duplicates for one or several specified files. The DuplicateFinder can accomplish this. The program has a utility "Search Certain Files". You can specify a list of files and the program will search for duplicates of these files.


You may follow the steps below to find the copies of certain files:


Step 1: Click the "Add File" button to add any specific file which you want to search in the computer. or you can open any folder and select all the files in that folder for searching.


Step 2: Once you're done selected, click the "next" button.



Step 3: Select the folders or drive that you want to scan in the left column.


Step 4: You will then have to set your preferences on the scan mode, filters, and things to skip.


Step 5: Once you're done configuring, you can click "Scan" button.



Step 6: After scanning all duplicate files will be listed and you can choose which ones the delete. You will also have the following delete options:


Remove to recycle bin
Delete directly
Move to a folder
Save result