compare folders Compare, synchronize and move files and folders

DuplicateFinder provides a tools that allows you to quickly and easily compare two folders across local drives, USB storage devices, or LAN drives. Use DuplicateFinder to compare folders or files, and merge/synchronize the differences with a simple button click. To compare and synchronize two folders, just do the following:


Step 1. Click the folder tree browse button '...' to select left folder and right folder.

Step 2. Click the button 'Compare', the files compare information will display in the grid.

Step 3. Click the button 'Sync folders' to sync the files.



You will also have the following folder sync options:


Both side copy
Copy left to right
Copy right to left



DuplicateFinder Compare Folders utility also has following functionalities,


1. Copying files from One Folder to another.

2. Deleting Files in any folder.

3. Move files to any folder.